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Ganga Human Welfare Centre For Urban and Rural Development Centre came into existence as a result of the concern of few committed people to secure integrated development through people’s participation. The key areas were identified for interventions were local resource management, HIV/ AIDS, Health and hygiene, street children &child rights, women& child development, education, vocational training, gender and environment issues. Our efforts resulted in long lasting association with government agencies as also the communities and groups with whom we have worked all these years.

While implementing different developmental projects, the thrust has always been to secure peoples participation . ‘GHWC’ always believed in the capacities and capabilities of the communities and have always strive to channel hidden and dormant energies of the people for the betterment of the societies at large .the efforts have always been directed in the direction of creating and environment conductive of giving opportunities to local people to think and act positively. It has always endeavoured to develop skills and competencies of local communities with a view to enabling them to manage , operate and maintain the assets , created through the implementation of various projects on sustainable basis.


Child Labour

The most innocent phase in human life is the childhood. It is that stage of life when the human foundations are laid for a successful adult life.

It is the phase when we are carefree, fun-loving, learning, playing… Go back into your childhood and for most of us, there are beautiful memories. And how wonderful to have grown up with such carefree abandonment while we had parents, grandparents and others looking after us. But, this is the story of not too many children.

Yes, there are far more children scarred and tormented. They hate they childhood. They would do anything to get out of the dungeons of being children and controlled and tortured by others. They want to break-free from this world. Some manage to get out and get a better life, but many continue to be where they are, not out of choice, but force.